50th Alumni Get-together of the QQs

The Quirly Quire Of Union College 1947 to 1951

The Quirly Quire was a unique entity related to Union College, Lincoln, NE existing from 1947 to 1951 when the last of the eight members graduated from this institution.

The term "Quirly Quire" is taken from two Olde English words, "quirly" meaning "strange" and "quire" meaning a group of angels. In other words this was a strange group of angels whose presence on the campus was intended to enhance the educational, social, and extracurricular activities so necessary to the development of a well-rounded college education. Sometimes these activities were not fully appreciated by the faculty, unfortunately.

Of course an enhancement to this group was the fact it was composed completely of the geniuses of the campus. This enabled many activities to be accomplished that otherwise would have remained without the bounds established by normal handbook restrictions.

Exactly how and when The Quirly Quire started remains a secret unknown to even the "CBs." Pictured below are two of the founders showing the antiquity of the original starting date and why its origin remains a "missing link."


        And the "Original Eight

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